About Tamsin

Having practised Reflexology for over 15 years, I am committed to providing a professional and friendly approach to holistic health and well-being.  I have a huge enthusiasm for Reflexology and its benefits.  Drawing on my experience and professional training, through Reflexology I encourage the body and mind to work at its optimum level, in a caring and nurturing environment.  

I have a diploma in Reflexology (International Institute of Reflexologists) and am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR).  

I have further training with Susanne Enzer Maternity Reflexology, relating to fertility, pregnancy and hormone rebalancing. 


I have also attended many post-graduate training courses, including Maternity Reflexology and Cancer with Reflexology.  


I've volunteered at St Monica's Trust in Bristol (care and support services for older and disabled people), as well as working with other therapists to promote Reflexology within the community.

I have a 6 year old daughter who brings me great joy and learning.  I use herbalism and nutrition in my daily life, and study them in my own time.  Music, meditation, walking in the Somerset countryside and swing dancing are a few of the things in my life.


Bristol Post feature, 2015